“Hiring Cheryl to come out & assist us with our Koi pond was the best decision we could have made! We “inherited” our large pond when we bought our house over 2 years ago. We have never known exactly how to care for it, thus creating extra work & extra expenses! Cheryl not only thoroughly cleaned it out, split & repositioned plants, she provided us with an invaluable amount of education. Our pond looks better this year than it has since we moved here & we haven’t used a single chemical! I would highly recommend Water’s Edge!!”

Gerri L.
Whitehouse, Oh

“Thank you Cheryl for your service provided through Water’s Edge. We have been completely satisfied with the care and advice you have given us over the years. You always returned our calls concerning the pond even when you were on vacation. We appreciate the time and effort you put into your job, you do it so well. Thanks again.”

Sharon U.
Perrysburg, Oh
Customer since 2010

“Our pond is a source of relaxation & stress free living. Cheryl @ Water’s Edge has helped us fine tune how we care for our pond’s ph & not having to deal with algae is a plus. She is the voice of experience. We just recently followed her suggestions regarding new products & are very pleased. Many thanks.

Kathy R.
Toledo, Oh
Customer since 2010

“Cheryl at Water’s Edge came to my rescue. Faced with a family health crisis, I needed help opening and maintaining my pond. Given my time constraint, Cheryl graciously offered to come on Mother’s Day morning to assess my pond’s condition and get it up and running. I was so impressed with her willingness to help and skill level, that I immediately signed up for the Comprehensive Stewardship Plan. I continue to be impressed with the expert care provided and special touches she and Kerri have added to enhance my pond’s appearance. I am so thankful I chose Water’s Edge – I know my pond is in good hands. My heartfelt thanks to you Cheryl AND Kerri!”

Cheryl W.
Lambertville, MI

“Thank you Cheryl for Waters Edge’s first rate service and advise since 2007 to keep our pond in beautiful shape from April through October the beginning and end of the pond season!. Your advice on plant material and water needs has been excellent and I look forward to working with you another season.”

Margy T.
Ottawa Hills
Customer Since 2007

“The service provided by Water’s Edge for my pond is simply outstanding. We are very please with the professional services and care that the pond received from Cheryl. It was the little touches, also, that were duly noted that made the pond a lovely water garden.”

Anne J.
Customer Since 2010

“Cheryl, at Water’s Edge, makes my water garden a pleasure. It is near our front porch where I often sit and read and listen to the little bubbling brook. It is a peaceful moment in my crazy life. That is now! Before Cheryl, it was just another stress in my life because it always needed my attention and I was never able to keep up with it. From leaks to string algae, it just didn’t make me happy. Now I know that Cheryl has it under control. I am smiling!”

Debby P.
A Very Happy Client of Water’s Edge
Customer Since 2001

“I have been using Cheryl McCormick of the Water’s Edge for at least eight years. She opens up the pond in the Spring, which includes getting the waterfall going, redesigning the water flow so the pond stays cleaner and giving suggestions for the vegetation. Fall closing includes cleaning, closing down the waterfall and covering the pond. The fish stay in the pond all winter and there is a great survival rate. If there are any problems, Cheryl will take care of it. I highly recommend the services of WATER’S EDGE!”

Paula M.
Ottawa Hills
Customer Since 2007

“Thanks to you, your skills, and knowledge – my pond, plants, and the fish have maintained a healthy lifestyle for years. Your design ideas for a higher waterfall and suggestions on plant life in and around the pond have definitely made it ‘an attraction’ in my yard. Thank you for helping us enjoy life around the water.”

Cindy & George T.
Sylvania, Ohio
Customer Since 2003

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At the Water’s Edge LLC, we are committed to managing water gardens in the most environmentally responsible way. As we see it, these water gardens are our luxury items. They are not something we need, but something we want. We need to be stewards of our yards. This is our piece of the earth.

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Cheryl McCormickCheryl McCormick, Former Owner

Water’s Edge, LLC was started in 2001 by Cheryl McCormick.

Cheryl had created and installed a water garden in her yard so that she could enjoy water with its inherent beauty, relaxing movement, and natural soundscape while sitting nearby indoors or outside.

Backed up with her biology/ecology degree she discovered how a small system like a water garden has physical and chemical characteristics similar to a natural lake ecosystem. It was fun to work with the artificial system to create a biologically balanced aquatic habitat. This experience with a single pond led to assisting many other home owners with water garden maintenance issues.

At the end of 2018 Cheryl sold Water’s Edge to Laura Cook who will continue helping pond owners all over Northwest Ohio and South East Michigan.