John S.
Maumee, Oh

Five years ago I built a home on the Salisbury Quarry. I included a pond in the backyard. Having no experience on pond mechanics I made several mistakes. I was very fortunate to find my answers, Cheryl McCormick and Water’s Edge. Today, nine years later, I have the finest pond on the Salisbury Quarry! This was due to Cheryl McCormick and Water’s Edge. We have the original five fish which have doubled their size, a waterfall, plants and flowers and a filter system that is second to none. Cheryl is totally responsible for all of this and she personally makes sure that this pond is never in jeopardy.

At the end of the summer session she moves the living plants to my basement. She tells me when to feed the fish and when not to feed the fish. She is at my house whenever she feels that it needs supervision. Cheryl is in the water and treats this pond as if it is her own. I would highly recommend Water’s Edge for any size pond with or without fish! The cost is exceptionally reasonable and she is available 24/7.

John S.
Maumee, Oh
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    Cheryl McCormickCheryl McCormick, Former Owner

    Water’s Edge, LLC was started in 2001 by Cheryl McCormick.

    Cheryl had created and installed a water garden in her yard so that she could enjoy water with its inherent beauty, relaxing movement, and natural soundscape while sitting nearby indoors or outside.

    Backed up with her biology/ecology degree she discovered how a small system like a water garden has physical and chemical characteristics similar to a natural lake ecosystem. It was fun to work with the artificial system to create a biologically balanced aquatic habitat. This experience with a single pond led to assisting many other home owners with water garden maintenance issues.

    At the end of 2018 Cheryl sold Water’s Edge to Laura Cook who will continue helping pond owners all over Northwest Ohio and South East Michigan.