About Water’s Edge

In any one season, The Water’s Edge LLC serves more than 60 different water garden owners. Most are homeowners, but the Toledo Botanical Garden has depended on the Water’s Edge to keep their highly visited and photographed water garden in healthy condition for 13 years. For a few years The Water’s Edge assisted the Metroparks of Toledo with the water gardens in their Window’s on Wildlife. Schools have used The Water’s Edge to install water gardens as learning adjuncts. In 2003 The Water’s Edge put in a water garden at the Natural Science Technology Center, now used annually to teach students about aquatic gardening. A garden was also installed at Lourdes College Life Science Building, creating a learning habitat for college students and summer campers.

Serving the NW Ohio and SE Michigan area, we offer several different service plans. The comprehensive stewardship 3-season plan includes all water treatment products so you will not have to make those long trips to the pond store to resupply. Consider which plan best takes the pond maintenance responsibility out of your hands. Then sit down and relax at the water’s edge!


Laura CookLaura Cook, Owner

Laura spent 13 years working in the pond department at Select Stone. In the spring of 2017, Laura started to work for Cheryl (the former owner) at Waters Edge. Cheryl took Laura under her wing and taught her about the business. Working under Cheryl, Laura quickly learned to enjoy each pond and the beauty and sounds in around them. Laura’s passion is to help pond owners enjoy their pond by understanding the importance of a good eco-system, along with good filtration. Ponds are meant for relaxing. Laura feels am blessed to be able to do this for a living. From frogs to fish, plants to rocks she love all things in and around the ponds.


Cheryl McCormickCheryl McCormick, Former Owner

Water’s Edge, LLC was started in 2001 by Cheryl McCormick.

Cheryl had created and installed a water garden in her yard so that she could enjoy water with its inherent beauty, relaxing movement, and natural soundscape while sitting nearby indoors or outside.

Backed up with her biology/ecology degree she discovered how a small system like a water garden has physical and chemical characteristics similar to a natural lake ecosystem. It was fun to work with the artificial system to create a biologically balanced aquatic habitat. This experience with a single pond led to assisting many other home owners with water garden maintenance issues.

At the end of 2018 Cheryl sold Water’s Edge to Laura Cook who will continue helping pond owners all over Northwest Ohio and South East Michigan.