Water's Edge is a garden service specializing in water gardens, ponds and other water features. We have the recipe for servicing and maintaining a well-balanced water garden, and our services have been used since 2001 for residential, public, school and commercial gardens. We create a natural ecosystem with our services that support plants, fish, frogs, tadpoles, dragonflies, birds, and other wildlife.

Our Comprehensive Stewardship Plan

Opening, closing and all routine maintenance in between. Service is scheduled every 7 to 14 days from April through October, providing you with a healthy, aesthetically pleasing pond all season long. All water treatment pond products are included in this plan.

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Our Shoulder Plan

We will open your pond in the spring and close it in the fall. With this plan we do the heavy work. While opening your pond we will evaluate and offer suggestions for you to handle the pond for the season. Water treatment pond products are not included in this plan.

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House Calls

For those not interested in either plan, we can schedule home assistance at an hourly rate for sudden problems, a pump malfunction, fish death, leaks, family illness, or vacation.

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Cheryl McCormickCheryl McCormick, Former Owner

Water’s Edge, LLC was started in 2001 by Cheryl McCormick.

Cheryl had created and installed a water garden in her yard so that she could enjoy water with its inherent beauty, relaxing movement, and natural soundscape while sitting nearby indoors or outside.

Backed up with her biology/ecology degree she discovered how a small system like a water garden has physical and chemical characteristics similar to a natural lake ecosystem. It was fun to work with the artificial system to create a biologically balanced aquatic habitat. This experience with a single pond led to assisting many other home owners with water garden maintenance issues.

At the end of 2018 Cheryl sold Water’s Edge to Laura Cook who will continue helping pond owners all over Northwest Ohio and South East Michigan.